A JQuery plugin to create AJAX based CRUD tables.

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Road map

Here, a list of features to implement in next versions of jTable. You can discuss on those features at the end of this page.

Beside this features, there are many improvements in my mind but I did not think on them enough to share here.

Major features/changes in next versions

  • Defining actions as objects instead of just url strings. Thus, you will be able to customize ajax requests.
  • Footer row and API that allows to create footer rows for your table. Think a field definition like footer: 'sum' will add a sum of values in this column. Also, it can be a function, it can be sent by server and so on.
  • Templating edit/create forms.
  • A way of opening multiple child tables in closable jQueryUI tabs.
  • A built-in search box.
  • A detailed view of record that is opened in a dialog and shows all fields of the record. This maybe usefull if record has too many fields those can not shown on the table.
  • Inline editing.

Minor features/changes in next versions

  • Formatting numbers. Also, formatting any type of data according to it's type in the future.
  • toggleChildTable method that is used to easily open/close child tables with single method call.
  • Moving the header row with document, when paging is not enabled and the document is scrolling, and the header is not showing anymore.
  • Checkbox list/group.
  • Width of a column can be 'auto'. Thus, auto columns fills the remaining space.
  • getRecords method that is used to get all rows and records on the table.
  • Edit and delete icons can be shown as first columns instead of the last columns.
  • Cascaded radio button lists just like cascaded comboboxes.


Please write your comments here.

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